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AEEX International School of Finance Building a capital markets education program for Asia SMEs


Executive Education: Executive management training program with comprehensive corporate finance curriculum.

The AEEX International School of Finance (AEEXISF) is an executive education program that aims to educate entrepreneurs and executive management on international finance fundamentals, strategy and regulations. The inaugural classes of 2018 will begin in September with courses hosted Shenzhen and Shanghai. The diverse curriculum will include subjects ranging from operational management, international M&A, corporate governance, sales & marketing, accounting & auditing, private equity and corporate restructuring. 

The AEEXISF has retained professional staff with extensive industry experience in accounting, investment banking, marketing and international business development. The interactive curriculum will allow participants to gain a robust understanding of the underworking dynamics of international capital markets operations and regulations. The faculty will work with directly with program participants individually and in groups to review and optimize their companies business model and international management strategy. 

The program participants will also be given the opportunities to participate in various activities including international finance forums that will enable them to introduce their companies and network with investors and analysts. The forum is aimed to simulate an IPO roadshow where program participants are given the opportunity to present their companies and interact with the investment community. 

AEEXISF graduates will be invited to attend an exclusive finance industry tour. The tour itinerary includes tours of wall street banks, accounting firms and the NYSE trading floor. In addition, participants will visit leading tech companies in silicon valley and learn about the U.S. tech landscape.