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Listed on AEEx, Sichuan Zmai Technology Sail To International Capital Market


September 11, 2017, Sichuan Zmai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Zmai technology) officially listed in the AEEx, Through the counseling and sponsorship of AEEx, Zmai technology take the first step into the overseas capital market, Broaden the international financing channels, make full use of the global capital market, and promote the international development of enterprises.


Mr. Wang Lulu (left), Chairman of the Board of Zmai Technology, and Mr. Wang Xiangyu (right), Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee of the AEEx.

Mr. Wang Xiangyu, on behalf of the AEEx and Mr. Wang Lulu, Chairman of Sichuan Zmai Technology Co., Ltd., signed a registered membership service agreement. This represent the future goal of Zmai will be focus on attracting domestic and foreign capital to the company and take the path to the international capital market.


Mr. Wang Lulu (left), Chairman of the Board of Zmai Technology, and Mr. Wang Xiangyu, Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee of the AEEx (right)

Sichuan Zmai Technology Co., Ltd. is a completely independent product development internet company. Since its establishment, it had continued to invest more than 20 million Yuan into products developmentthe company owns "supermarket management master" and "business marketing master", two independent intellectual property rights Flagship products. The company has been adhering to the "vertical deep plowing industry" business purpose, and had won the industry's highly praised and good market reputation.

Zmai technology vision, "let the industry wisdom connects", forces them to committed to serve the supermarket industry and FMCG wholesale industry. Furthermore, through technology integration, Zmai provide a full range of mobile intelligent management solutions for the industry. Through the software products upstream and downstream connection, Zmai help solve the management, marketing, service and other problems for the entire retail industry, and to provide the most efficient management tools to promote the development of the supermarket industry. The company's goal is not only to meet the excellent product suppliers, but also hope that relying on the vertical industry data precipitation, brand influence, become a set of industry media, data services, intelligent hardware as one of the Internet service platform, and maintain industry leading position. At the same time, Zmai is actively communicating with a number of banks to form strategic cooperation, which in return hope to introduction of lower rates of mobile payments and enhance the supermarket payment experience. Followed by the introduction of the business of financial loans, businesses only need to use Zmai management system, you can achieve credit loans. Of course, businesses can also choose through the system free financial and other related financial services.


Zmai technology leadership and the AEEx, the AEIF of the relevant leaders photo

Mr. Wang Xiangyu, vice chairman of the Audit Committee of the AEEx, said that Chinese enterprises through listing on the AEEx, the biggest gain is not only able to further connect with international standards and help more international community further understand the mode of operation of Chinese enterprises, but also expand the ways foreign investments enter Chinese market. Chinese enterprises have cultivate a number of personnel whom understand both the operation of the market, and the international practice of management. Overseas listed companies have an exemplary role in improving the overall industry level due to their operational experience. Overseas listing is not only a means of financing, but also a good opportunity to improve the corporate governance structure to form a unified corporate governance, coordination, effective checks and balances of corporate governance structure. Enterprises to enter a more stringent market regulation, to facilitate the valuation of the market, but also help to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with the international industry to a greater extent to improve the market reputation of enterprises to promote enterprises in accordance with international rules. After the listing of enterprises to obtain funding gaps, for the development of enterprises into the vitality, and can greatly enhance the brand premium capacity and business development capabilities. AEEx and AEIF will guide Chinese enterprises to have more opportunities to overseas capital markets, to achieve overseas capital and domestic projects docking, in order to achieve Chinese enterprises and overseas capital win-win situation, but also hope that the future of more Chinese enterprises can for the world to provide China a good product.


Zmai technology representative photo

AEIF as the only sponsor of the AEEx in China, always focus on SME financing problems. Their main focus is to help Chinese enterprises to connect with overseas financing, help enterprises to be listed on overseas market, and to provide professional and integrated services to help small and medium enterprises to the international capital market!