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Golden Sunset Group Limited is going to be listed in the US, with a global perspective to write a new future


On September 9,GOLDEN SUNSET GROUP LIMITED (GSGL) US listing launch ceremony press conference is held in the Convention Center of Shenzhen Kexing Science and Technology Park, which was attended by Mr. Zhang Zhixin, the former vice president and honorary chairman of Chinese elderly services career development foundation, Mrs. Quan Jun, Chairman of the Board of GSGL, MrLi Xinhui, the originator of the new mode for elderly services and General Counsel of GSGL, Mr. Wang Xiangyu, Vice Chairman of Review Committee of ASIA EQUITY EXCHANGE (AEEx), and Mr. Chen Qiang, the services president of ASIA ERA INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CO., LTD. (AEIF).


press conference 

At the beginning of the conference,Mr. Zhang Zhixin, the former vice president and honorary chairman of Chinese aging services career development foundation, delivered a speech. At present, the development of Chinese elderly service is in a crucial phasewhere the tasks related to reform and development are very difficult. We should actively address population aging, speed up the establishment of the system of elderly services and developrelated careers, which not only provides a broad stage for the industry of old people but also set a higher standard for the industry. 

GSGL mainly engages in the elderly services and related projects,in a trinity mode of "institutional services for elderly+ community service for home care of elderly + healthy sojourn services for elderly", actively promoting the rapid development of Chinese aging service industry and effectively solving linked problems. Mr. Zhang Zhixin said that through efforts of more than 10 years, GSGL grew a lot. He also hoped the company, seeing the chance to be listed as a new beginning, to improve itself for contributing more to elderly services.

Then, Mr. Li Xinhui, the originator of the new mode for elderly services and General Counsel of GSGL, answered some questions about the original intention to establish GSGLthe persistence in more than 20 years hard work for it and his idea of how young people inherit filial piety. In the speech, he explained the filial piety is very important so he made great efforts to develop the elderly services, hoping to help more old people get the care they deserved.


Mr. Li Xinhui, General Counsel of GSGL, speaking

Mrs. Quan Jun, Chairman of the Board of GSGL, delivered a speech in which she said that through its own strength and contribution to elderly services, GSGL would make an excellent brand with "integrity and quality" and help elderly services’ industry enjoy the international reputation. Besides, after listed in the US, GSGL would use the market to development itself as well as Chinese elderly services.

After that, Mrs, Zhou Ling, CEO of GSGL, introduced in detail the company’s business philosophy and development plan, so that the present guests could have a deeper understanding for it.

Picture shows Mrs. Quan Jun, Chairman of the Board of GSGL, interviewed by the media

As Special Guest,Mr. Chen Qiang, the services president of ASIA ERA INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CO., LTD., explained exactly the cross-border listing and overseas capital market. He said that, today, for being listed on overseas markets, SMEs who played more and more important role in national economy already became a main force of Chinese economic development, prosperity of market and expansion of employment. However, they had a lot of problems in financing at home, such as poorly current and narrow financing channels, restrictions of commercial banks, and the underdevelopment of domestic capital market. In this case, it was necessary for entrepreneurs to consider international markets, which had a mature development and legal systemsufficient fundsa perfect supervision, relatively convenient procedures, and the courage to innovate. Therefore, oversea listing would promote a lot the development of SMEs.


Picture shows Mr. Chen Qiang, the services president of AEIF, speaking

Mrs. Zhang Qi, General Manager of Institutional Business Department of MINMETALS SECURITIES CO., LTDas Special Guest, made a deepintroduction for the Corporate Finance. She said that capital was the first and sustained driving force to develop and maintain business activities for which it is important whether enterprises could obtain a stable source of funds, and whether they could raise enough money in time for the necessaryproduction elements.

Finally, there occurred a signing ceremony of listing tutoring witnessed by all the guests, which presented a wonderful sight.


Mr. Xie Hongjie (left), Director of AEIF, and Ms. Zhou Ling (right), CEO of GSGL, signing the contract


Leaders of GSGL, AEEx, and AEIF

The launching ceremony press conference of GSGL succeeded perfectly. Being listed in the US is a new start for GSGL, this excellent company is believed with the aid of international capital to expand financing channels, to speed up its internationalization and to lead the aging services industry to a more brilliant future.