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Asia Equity Exchange Group (OTCMKTS: AEEX) is a U.S. publicly traded corporate consulting and information disclosure platform headquartered in Hong Kong. AEEX has helped dozens of companies of all sizes across countless industries successfully plan and execute their entry into international capital markets. We have successfully navigated virtually every aspect and challenge that may arise during the “going public” process and beyond as our clients begin their journeys as public companies. We understand the significant market, regulatory, and media issues facing companies throughout the IPO process. Working hand-in-hand with leading investment banks, law firms, accounting firms and communications specialists, we offer creative and practical solutions to meet these challenges. Every IPO and cross-border listing is unique and therefore we create tailored services for each client to maximize business valuation, communicate their equity story, and assist the executive management team remain focused on their long-term business performance.

Business Segments

Business Segments:

Asia Equity Exchange Group has four distinct “value-added” business segments:

Management Consulting: Comprehensive corporate consulting services for cross-border listings, M&A,operational management, corporate restructuring, etc.

Investment Fund: The Asia Equity Exchange Group, Inc. China Investment Fund (AEEXCIF) invests in Asia-based startups and high growth companies.

Executive Education: Executive management training program with comprehensive corporate finance curriculum.

Information Disclosure Platform: AEEX operates an online information disclosure platform (asiaotcmarkets.com) for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Corporate Services

We have a comprehensive and proven approach to help companies establish effective public-company infrastructure, strengthen existing financial reporting processes, increase transaction certainty, improve stakeholder credibility and engage in ongoing communications programs. AEEX primary services are:

  • Membership Services: AEEX operates an online information disclosure platform (asiaotcmarkets.com) for SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Executive Team Management:Assistance in selecting, training, and maintaining a sophisticated management team that meets public-company standards.
  • IPO Team Management:Proactive selection, negotiation, and management of the IPO working group including underwriters, securities counsel, auditors and communications specialists.
  • Corporate Restructuring: Streamline business structures, establish effective management model, register offshore companies, variable interest entities (VIE) and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), as deemed necessary.
  • Corporate Training: Engaging in comprehensive training seminars in regards to international business development,corporate governance, risk management, internal controls matters and communications practices.
  • Corporate Documents: Assistance in drafting, revisions and due diligence of corporate documents  – business plan, private placement documents, prospectus, SEC filings, stock option plan.
  • Communications Support:We will advise and assist with the selection of a communications strategy throughout the IPO process —Coaching CEOs and their management teams on preparing and posturing their company’s equity story — IPO roadshow slide development, investor presentation design, and Q&A preparation. Assisting in creating a clear and effective investment proposition, issuance concept and strategic rationale for the IPO.
  • Finance Industry Tourism:Tours of major international financial destinations including visiting leading financial institutions and bourses, in-depth training with financial regulators and business leaders.
  • Corporate Governance Consulting: Board evaluations,corporate governance documents, legal and organizational support for the board, developing and implementing standard governance processes and practices.

Management Team

Corporate Culture

  • Mission:Dedication to enhancing the development trajectory of Asia-Pacific SMEs through international capital market solutions.
  • Vision: Become a leading provider of cross-border listing consulting services in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Core Values:
    At AEEX we leverage our core values to instill a culture of excellence and competitive. The cornerstone of our corporate culture revolves around the AEEX “4Cs” – candor, client focus, compliance, and collaboration.
    Candor: We develop long-term client relationships based on trust and integrity.
    Client focus: We place our clients at the center of our business philosophy, operations and strategy.
    Compliance: We strictly adhere to finance industry regulations and management principles.
    Collaboration: We leverage the power of diversity and synergy to enhance all aspects of our clients’businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AEEX is committed to promoting values of corporate social responsibility in our company and among our clients. Our organization is driven by creating a positive social and environmental impact through community development, sustainability initiatives, and philanthropy.
Community Development:We are driven to create an environment of altruism among employees and the community. We engage in financial literacy education to empower individuals to improve their life circumstances in a tangible way.
Sustainability Initiatives:We strive to reduce our environmental impact by reducing waste and promoting a culture of sustainability.
Philanthropy: We are committed to “giving back” through donations and volunteering to charity organizations involved in education, poverty relief, and sustainability.